Clienteling allows brands to engage with customers in-store, at home, on the phone, or screen to screen. It will help increase the average order value of each store visit and build a 360-degree view of the customer – achieved by accessing transactional and behavioural data.

An essential component to the shopping experience, whether in-store or online, Clienteling helps Store Associates bring the customer closer to the store by providing the knowledge needed to blend all shopping channels into one unique approach. It equips Store Associates with as much information about the customer as they know about themselves and works out how best to connect with customers. They get to know their likes and dislikes, how they prefer to be communicated with and served and what they have bought previously or searched for online.

The perfect opportunity to introduce Clienteling

Research highlights that Brits are currently cash-heavy, with 46% seeing an increase in their savings over the past year, and they are ready to spend – if they haven’t done so already. According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), households plan to spend 26% of these savings, approximately £50bn, during 2021. However, understanding and meeting the needs of every customer will go a long way to ensure retailers can provide the level of service expected.

Although retailers that operate solely online may have many advantages in data collection, they do not possess a physical location. Bricks and mortar allow retailers to differentiate by transforming the in-store experience to make sure it remains compelling and convenient.

Now, more so than ever before, retailers have the perfect opportunity to change their relationship with shoppers and transform the customer experience with meaningful and personalised interactions. They can obtain a deeper understanding of customers, build relationships, and increase sales fast – all achievable through Clienteling software.

What’s in it for retailers?

KIT Clienteling and Assisted Selling provides Store Associates with the data and tools to take customer experiences to the next level, resulting in higher retention and customer lifetime value. Store Associates can use KIT to access real-time customer details to facilitate more personal conversations either face-to-face or remotely when discussing product recommendations or sending follow-up communications.

By introducing Clienteling, businesses will witness up to a 10% increase in sales generated by Store Associates, giving users the ability to manage relationships directly all centrally controlled by the retailer. Supercharge your Store Associates by providing them with all the information needed to sell effectively from anywhere.