By Steve Ingram, Director – KIT.

In all its many guises, the impact of national lockdowns on the event industry has been severe. The lasting effect is likely to cause ripples and disrupt the sector for years to come. But just like the retail industry, it needed to reflect, reinvent itself, and create new ways to survive, and in some instances, develop new ways to deliver an event.

A leading and notable example of keeping an event in the news and making it happen is London Fashion Week. Generally reserved for the press and trade, the only way to get past the Gucci suited minders on door duty would be to wave an invite – a ticket as rare as the golden version granting permission to attend a tour of Willy Wonka’s manufacturing plant.

For the first time, London Fashion Week 2021 was a digital-first event. The general public could access this prestigious event to watch interviews, listen to podcasts and even submerge themselves in digital showrooms – fantastic news for all the budding designers and fashion enthusiasts. But also a positive distraction for the industry, which fears that the pandemic could decimate its workforce.

I do my little turn on the catwalk

The London Fashion Week digital platform launched in June 2020 and has become a live year-round platform, constantly updated for retailers, media and consumers to view and buy collections. Even though the platform serves as a digital hub and is freely accessible to all, it also acts as an online community bringing together culture, fashion and technology.

Combining the power of digital and creativeness of fashion forms the perfect customer service arena for the Store Associate. Being able to invite their best customers to the event, communicating during the show, and identifying the items that are just perfect for the customer, is an absolute dream. Add to this the ability to place an order, there and then, and to let them know they will be one of the first, adds the layer of exclusivity that keeps them coming back again and again.

And this is available now, with Clienteling software such as KIT. Through the power of KIT, Store Associates can reach out to their customer base via the in-built Comms module and share access to what’s taking place at London Fashion Week or any online event.

Together they can jointly view what is being paraded on the runway, share comments while heading towards owning that exclusive new garment!