Integration & Customisation. Making the most of your systems.

Integrating with a range of back end systems, KIT works with what you have and brings it to life. Providing out-of-the-box functionally that can be customised for specific requirements and processes. An all in one extensible application, simplifying the user experience, keeping costs down.


Choose and use the components you need to drive your business forward.


Easily scalable and reliable for exponential growth, KIT has been successfully deployed globally by a number of large retail brands.


Highly flexible and configurable to fit to a range of retail market sectors and unique business requirements.

Cost effective

Straightforward and rapid to deploy, KIT leverages and makes the most of your current and future system investments.

Integrating KIT

Toys’R’Us Canada historically shared its technology infrastructure with Toys’R’Us USA and when the businesses were split, the Canadian arm implemented a brand-new e-commerce system which they wanted their store associates to leverage in-store through an app that could be integrated quickly and seamlessly. KIT was a perfect fit as its middleware uses standard connectors to integrate with any back-end system, resulting in easily accessible endless aisle of must-have merchandise that is readily available, wherever and however their customer chose to shop.