In-Store Technology. Innovation at the heart of what we do.

We use and develop the very latest technology for the sole purpose of enhancing your brand, improving your processes and creating the very best in customer experience to stay ahead of the competition.

Image Recognition and Machine Learning

Snap a photo of a product, and the KIT app will instantly recognise it and surface all relevant data.

Video Calling

Customers expect retailers to offer a range of communication options and video calling is becoming ever more popular. Store associates and customers can speak face to face all from within the app.

Data Science and Analytics

These key capabilities are built into the fabric of our app. In-depth knowledge of customer behaviour, demands and requirements all at the push of a button.

Our intelligent network of retail experts along with customer insights enable us to identify key trends and the right features that will propel KIT as a leading and sustainable long-term solution.

KIT in Action

Designed in collaboration with a global retail brand, with laser focus on business requirements and unparalleled, intuitive user experience. Easily adopted by store associates, boosts efficiency and engagement resulting in greater employee and customer satisfaction.