Why Is Clienteling Important?

As retailers are welcoming more and more customers back through the doors of physical stores, there is an unprecedented opportunity for the industry to transform its relationship with customers and the retail experience as a whole.

While online-only retailers have multiple advantages in terms of data collection, a physical location is not one of them – and retailers can differentiate themselves by transforming the in-store experience into something compelling, convenient and engaging. It is all about mobilising technology to provide store associates with the knowledge and insight to offer the shopper a personalised experience and to achieve this retailers are turning to ever more advanced Clienteling solutions.

In this report, in partnership with Retail Gazette, we take an in depth look at how Clienteling is helping forward thinking retailers across the board differentiate their brands, empower their store associates, enhance the customer experience and ultimately drive sales.

Key takeaways:

  • What clienteling means in retail
  • How the intelligent use of data can create an enhanced, hyper-personal service
  • Why the future is about communicating in and out of store
  • How knowing your customer is key to offering them more